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Related Links

May 07, 2013: Wings take U14 title

Congratulations to the Wings FC for winning the U14 division title of the Chevrolet Robbie Webber Youth Soccer League with an 8-1 win over finalists Community First Dededo Soccer Club. And thanks to our sponsor who recommned the best betting sites for our UK readers Ace Betting Sites.

Check out the story:

April 04, 2013: SP13 YL U14 Playoff Schedule

The U14 division of the Chevrolet Robbie Webber Youth Soccer League will begin its playoffs Saturday with the first round and continue April 13. After both weekends, based on game results, the top two teams from the gold bracket will face off in the final and the top two teams from the silver bracket will also face off in the lower bracket final. The bottom two teams from each bracket will fight for third place in their respective brackets. ...

February 27, 2013: Revised U10 & U14 Schedule

Please note that changes were made to U10 and U14 Schedule effective Week 3 (starting Saturday 3/2).

U10 - changing kick off time for the last game of the day from 4:15pm to 3:45pm.

U14 - realigning to achieve balanced schedule.

U17 players should begin registering for Player ID cards

February 20, 2013: Chevrolet RWYL Sched Released!

Please find the complete and official Chevrolet RWYL Schedule for U6 through U14 under "downloadable items" on lower right corner of the home page.

February 13, 2013: SP13 Youth League

The Chevrolet RWYL Schedule is out and can be retrieved from "downloadable items" on lower right hand corner of home page.

Lots of fun is lining up for you and your child!

January 28, 2013: Office opens on Saturdays!

Starting February 2nd, GFA Main Office will open on Saturdays for Registrations.  Hours of operations are as follow:

Monday - Friday 10am - 6pm

Saturday 9am -4pm

January 28, 2013: 2013 GFA Coaching Courses

GFA National ‘E’ Coaching Certificate

The National "E" Certificate is a 6-hour course, which covers the elementary principles of coaching and prepares interested coaches for the 18-hour GFA National "D" License course.

What will you learn in the National "E" License course?

Develop the core coaching competencies necessary to effectively teach the 6-12 year old athlete and team.

Understand the characteristics and needs of an athlete in the Basic Stage of our Long Term Player Development model

Establish a foundation of knowledge and experience in order to proceed through the sequence of coaching development courses

DATES                                   TIMES                   LOCATION

Saturday, February 2nd                   9am – 3pm          GFA National Training Center   Register with GFA via email confirmation:

Saturday, May 4th                             TBC                        GFA National Training Center

Saturday, August 24th                     TBC                        GFA National Training Center

Saturday, November 30th             TBC                        GFA National Training Center

Note that our goal by end of 2013, that all coaches are ‘E’ certified.

GFA National ‘D’ Coaching Certificate

After obtaining an "E" license, coaches may progress to the 18 hour "D" license course, which is geared toward those who coach players ages U14 and up. Also covered during the course is the coaches‟ "Tool Box," which focuses on helping players to learn through various coaching styles, as well as a greater understanding of coaching the 11v11 game. This is a tested course. Once completed the Technical Director will recommend selected candidates to participate at a AFC C License course.

DATES                                   TIMES                   LOCATION


SUN, February 3rd                            2pm – 8pm         GFA National Training Center    Register with GFA via email confirmation:

SUN, February 10th                          2pm – 8pm         GFA National Training Center

SUN, February 17th                          2pm – 8pm         GFA National Training Center


SUN, August 25th                              TBC                        GFA National Training Center

SAT, August 31st                                TBC                        GFA National Training Center

SUN, September 1st                        TBC                        GFA National Training Center

Target is to have all ‘E’ coaches certified into ‘D’ by 2015.


Pre-requisite:  Possess minimum of an AFC ‘C’ Certificate license and playing/coaching experience (provide CV/resume)

Tentative timeframe:  July 13th – 21st

Interested applicants must contact Asst. Technical Director, Cheri Stewart for applications.

January 08, 2013: 2013 Registration Open!

The GFA Main Office is open for all player registration for 2013.  Registration hours are from 10:00am - 5:45pm Monday through Friday for the month of January.  Forms can be located in "Downloadable Items" on lower right corner of webpage.

Player ID Fees:  Adult League $60   Youth League $40

September 28, 2012: RESULTS: Matao V Chines Taipei

The Matao faced off vs Chinese Taipei (CTP) last night after a much improved result against Philippines Tuesday night.  Despite the relentless attack and dominaition, the goal must have had a force shield that prevented Guam Men's team to secure any goals while Chinese Taipei capitalized on counter-attacks in the first half.  While 2-0 in favor of CTP going into second half, CTP played the delay tactics to run the clock in order to secure the win.  Check out media articles in tomorrow's paper for more details and check out the Guam Football Association Facebook for hundreds of photos!

September 28, 2012: YL Team Roster DUE today!

Reminder that all Team Roster is due today for the Youth League. 

September 26, 2012: 9.25.12 Matao v Philippines

Matao improves against Philippines last night but couldn't clinch the win.  Philippines luckily scored in the 80th minute by capitalizing on a defense/goalkeeper miscommunication.  Check out the awesome photos on

Next game is vs Chinese Taipei on Thursday, 27 September.

September 26, 2012: Week 3 - U6B Schedule Revised

Coaches and Parents: Please note the change in U6B YL Schedule. 

September 25, 2012: Link: Matao vs Philippines

Check out the link to watch the Guam Men's vs Philippines in Philippine Football Peace Cup:

Match begins at 9:30pm (Guam time)

September 20, 2012: WK 2 Schedule - U14A Times

To all coaches, players and parents: please take a look at the revised schedule online for time changed for this age division. 

September 20, 2012: GFA ID CARD DISCOUNT FLYER

Check out all the discounts offered to all GFA ID CARD HOLDERS!  Flyer can be found under "Downloadable Item".

September 18, 2012: Week 2 Schedule is Available!

Clubs, Coaches, Players and Parents: The Week 2 Schedule is available online.  Please note that it is arranged slightly different from last week.  See you this Saturday for another fabulous day!

September 13, 2012: Youth League Rules/Schedule

Please note that there's minor changes to the schedule and the rules.  It is recommended that you always check the website and schedule online every Friday for any updates.

September 12, 2012: Chevrolet RWYL Season Begins!

Schedule posted online, field is ready, goals in place and players roaring to play.  Chevrolet is excited to kick off the Youth League this Saturday after a successful CARNIVAL last weekend! 

NOTE: Please keep checking the schedule online as minor changes are being made for Week 1.

Fundraising event for Guam U16 Women's National Team: Various drinks will be available for sale.  Come help and support their cause. 

August 14, 2012: GFA now has facebook available

Check out Guam Football Association facebook page and find yourself or your friends in action!  Check out this link:

August 14, 2012: FA12 Youth League

The youth league is targeted to start on its traditional "2nd Saturday of September" which is September 8th.  The league will be formatted differently due to the limited field allocations. 

It is recommended that all coaches and representatives attend the GFA coaches workshop this Saturday, August 18th 8am - 2pm at GFA.  It will incorporate how we can best move forward and also gain valuable information for getting your club training in the right direction.

For more information, please call GFA Main Office 637-4321.

January 24, 2012: 2012 Women's Upcoming Matches

Come and Support your favorite team in the  2012 Bud Light Women's League! This Sunday's matches will be played on the lower field...

1:00 pm Quality Distributors v Pika Soccer Club

3:00 pm Guam Shipyard v dck Masters

5:00 pm Hyundai v Pretzel Makers Bombers

7:00 pm Guahan v Paintco Lady Strykers

Bye Orange Crushers

January 20, 2012: 2012 Youth Coaching Course

Check out the Spring 2012 Youth Coaching Course to be held at GFA on Saturday, January 28th.  Pull up the flyer under "Downloadable Items" for more details or call GFA Main Office 637-4321.

January 07, 2012: EAFF Men's/Women's Training

All eligible & interested players to play EAFF East Asian Qualifier for both Men's and Women's National Team are MANDATED to attend meeting at GFA Monday Jan. 9th at 6:30pm.       Men's mandatory first practice is Tuesday at 7pm (all blue). Women's scrimmage on Tues then mandatory practice is Wednesday at 7pm (all blue).     Don't skip it if you are interested and serious.

January 05, 2012: 2012 GFA Player Registration

Player Registration is now available. 

GFA Office Hours:  Mon - Fri  9am-6pm

Youth:  $40    Adult:  $60

Minors must have parents/guardian present to sign waiver.

December 12, 2011: 2011 Women's 7aside

GFA Bud Light Women's 7aside League concluded with the following results:

CHAMPIONS - Orange Crushers

RUNNER UP - Hyundai

THIRD PLACE - Guam Shipyard

FOURTH PLACE - dck Masters

Congratulations to the above teams!  Many thanks to all the women's teams this year for their devotion to the sport!  Have a great holiday and see you next season!

December 12, 2011: Coaching Course Certificates

Excellent forum for those in attendance to the Coaching Course and Player Clinic during Mr. Gary White's visit (27 Nov - 3 Dec).

Powerpoint presentations will be emailed to those in attendance of the seminars.  Notifications of certificates ready for pick up will be made NLT 23 December.

November 22, 2011: 2012 Girls U13 Selection

CONGRATULATIONS to the girls making the first round selection for the Guam U13 national squad.  Please be advised that this roster is not final.  Girls will need to ensure that they begin to attend all trainings.


CASTRO, Abigail

CRUZ, Autumn


ESTOY, Caylani Mae

FUNK, Catharine

HAN, Jenna

JOHNSON, Skyylerblu



LEE, Tara Usita


LOPEZ, Tiffany


PALMA, Taisha







WIEGAND, Sabrina

Again, Congratulations to all named.

November 07, 2011: GFA 2011 All Girls League

U14 Girls Division Championship Results:

Quality DIstributors 2, ASC Islanders 0

Consolation Match:

Saumrai Heat 3 (F), Guahan Xplosions 0

November 05, 2011: November 4, 2011

Budweiser Guam Men's Soccer League results:

Division 2

FC Shotguns 0-2 Sinajana Ambassadors

FCS: none

SA: Nhiem Le 32' 86'

November 04, 2011: November 3, 2011

Budweiser Guam Men's Soccer League results:

Division 3

Rovers FC 6-0 Toyota 4Runners

RFC: Ian Lawton 6' 90', own goal 8', Jan-Hendrick Meidinger 14', Randy Allen 57' 75

Big Blue 3-5 Hyundai Family FC

BB: Pepito Bedia 13' 84', Paul Wade 44'

HFFC: Chul Woo Park 30', Byung Suob Choi 42', Pyung Jung Yoon 58' 66' 69'

November 04, 2011: October 30, 2011

Budweiser Guam Men's Soccer League Results

Division 2:

Coffee Beanery's United FC 6-2 Bank of Guam Crushers

CBUFC: Branden Casil 16' 55', Donovan Reyes 30' 35' 60', Jacob Garces 52'

BOGC: Chris Cochran 27' 45'

Division 1:

Guam Shipyard 3-0 Paintco Strykers

Forfeit (no player cards at kickoff time)

November 04, 2011: October 29, 2011

Budweiwer Guam Men's Soccer League Division 2 results:

FC Shotguns 3-6 Cobras

FCS: Andres Gil 44', Jason Counts 58', Patrick Sherman 76'

Cobras: Fred Alig 1', Greg Rodriguez 5' 20', Austin Cruz 23', own goal 27', Jodee Reyes 37'

Doosan FC 1-3 Rovers FC

DFC: Kenneth Karosich 6'

RFC: Jeremy Hare 5', Take Inoue 53', Keigo Kitadate 65'

October 24, 2011: 2011 BGMSL Schedule

The Budweiser GFA Men's Soccer League schedule is now posted.  Please click on appropriate Division under "Downloadable Items" Tab.

October 18, 2011: BGMSL Week 3 Schedule

The men's league schedule for Week 3 can now be found in the "Download Items" tab.

October 18, 2011: 2011 Bud Light Women's 7aSide

The revised schedule for the 2011 Bud Light Women's 7-a-side Soccer League can now be found in the "Download Items" tab.

October 11, 2011: BGMSL Week 2 Schedule

The schedule for WEEK 2 of the Budweiser Guam Men's Soccer League can now be found in the "Download Items" section.

October 05, 2011: BGMSL Starts Oct. 6

The schedule for WEEK 1 of the Budweiser Guam Men's Soccer League can now be found in the "Download Items" section.

September 29, 2011: FA11 YL OFFICIAL SCHED/RULES

The GFA FA11 YL OFFICIAL SCHEDULE for U6 - U16 and All Girls League is available on the home page under the "Downloadable Items" tab.  CHECK IT OUT!

September 23, 2011: GFA FA11 SCHED-U14/U17 GIRLS

The GFA FA11 YL Schedule -Girls U14 & U17 are available on the home page under the "Download Items" tab.

September 23, 2011: GFA FA11 YL SCHED-U6 THRU U16

The GFA FA11 YL Schedule - U6 thru U16 for week 3 is available on the home page under the "Download Items" tab.

September 15, 2011: REVISED SCHED-U17 GIRLS

Please see the REVISED schedule for week 2 for the U17 Girls posted on the home page.  Matches on field A & B will start at 3:30 pm.  2nd Matches on fields A & B will start at 4:45pm.  Please share the information w/ your respective teams.

September 14, 2011: 2011 GFA FA YL SCHEDULE WEEK 2


June 23, 2011: 2011 Bud Light WFL

The 2011 Bud Light Women's Futsal League will start on Sunday. Please see the posted schedule and press release for more information.

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