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The Guam Football Association will be celebrating Fair Play Day on Saturday October 7, 2006 in order to praise and promote the sporting spirit of our game. The football family therefore wants to commemorate the International Day of peace by using the wonderful game and – especially – its Fair Play Day. In addition, Fair Play Day is linked to another special celebration: the United Nations International Day of Peace: an invitation to all nations and people to honor peace around the world. Today especially, this is a reminder that every player, coach, referee and fan must not lose sight of the fact that the best formula for playing football is by demonstrating Fair Play and respect. Let us show the island that football brings people together and that it will remain the most important and respected sport in the world. Please help us to make the Fair Play Day an unforgettable event.

Saturday October 7, 2006
10:00 - 5:00
At all games, the referee at the beginning of each match will call all the players to the center of the field for inspection. After inspection, the coaches will ask the players to repeat the Fair Play Code after him/her. The code will be said at all games throughout the remainder of the season. The referee will then inform the players that he will be using the Green Card and inform them when the Green Card will be given.
Immediately after, the referee will issue Fair Play stickers to all the players.
For the Under-6 Division, the coaches must report to the referee tent to pick up one(1) prize and stickers for their teams. Coaches will act as referees and perform inspection, recite the pledge, pass out stickers, and upon completion of the game, give one(1) Fair Play award to one of their players.
The referee tent is located behind the Under 10 fields.
All players to converge on the upper field. All coaches and teams are asked to cooperate. U8’s will line up on the edge of their fields looking down to the Under10/Under 6 fields.
11:55 - 12:05
The Fair Play Flag will be marched onto the field by children and followed by the referees. The FIFA Anthem will be played and the announcer will make a short announcement and ask for a moment of silence for peace.
Quality Distributors will distribute FREE ice cream. (While supplies last.)
All players receiving a Green Card may redeem a prize at the Head Referee tent. Prizes will be given throughout the season until supplies last.

When to show the Green Card:

- When to show the Green Card:

  • Helping an injured player
  • Apologizing and shaking hands for unintentional foul play
  • Kicking the ball out of the playing area due to an injury to an opponent
  • Respecting the opponent by giving back the ball that was kicked out for an injury
  • Calming a fellow teammate
  • Team does not receive cautions or ejections and showed positive attitudes throughout the match

Referee will show the card to the team bench at the end of the final whistle.

- The Coaches' Packet:

  • 1 each Fair Play T-shirt
  • 1 each GFA Cap
  • 1 each My Game is Fair Play/Fair Play Code Card & Lanyard
  • 1 set Fair Play & Green Card Information Sheet


- Fair Play T-shirts will be given to all team coaches (1) week before the event. They are all encouraged to wear their Fair Play T-shirts on Saturday October 7 and continue wearing them every Saturday until the end of the season.
- Green Card Information sheet will be given to all clubs and coaches (1) week before the event to pass on to their players.
- The Green Card will be used beginning October 7 through the end of the season. Referees will be trained one week before the event. A free prize will be given to all those receiving a Green Card. (While supplies last.)
- Free ice cream to be distributed by Quality Distributors. While supplies last.
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